Digital Guitar Workshop

A new approach to research and design.

Production ready design suite.

Ready-to-use integrated development system for acoustic guitars. Conventional designs and innovative designs can be created with the CAD interface. Design new guitars experiment with classical designs. Imagine and realize your own guitar design. Compare your guitar with the guitars in our comprehensive Data-base of 35 guitars. Use the measurements of the other instuments to benchmark your design. Simulate all guitars with the integrated physical modeling synthesis suite. Auralise your designed guitar using the physical modeling tool.

Over thirty guitars measured and analyzed.

Over thirty guitars by various guitar makers like Wichmann, Hoeffner, Aranjuez and many more... Acoustical and geometric measurements included in the software suite.

3-dimensional finite difference modeling.

The complete geometry of the guitar body is modeled and syntesized with a 3-dimensional finite difference model.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Rolf Bader

Measurements and Software Development: Jan Richter M.A. & Malte Münster M.A.

Physical Model: Dr. Florian Pfeifle M.A.

Funded by: